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How to avoid shark attacks whilst surfing

A review of the Ocean Guardian FREEDOM+ Surf by Kale Brock

21 March 2022

Sharks and surfing; it’s an endless, unavoidable duo which surfers must deal with when they decide to play in the ocean, but is there a way to protect both people and sharks without avoiding the water entirely?

Ocean Guardian, the world’s leading shark deterrent company believe so. Multiple independent research papers have proven without a doubt that surfing with the Ocean Guardian FREEDOM+ Surf on your board, significantly reduces your chance of a shark bite by at least 60%. This is a massive reduction, especially when you consider testing is done an extreme environment – chummed up, baited waters designed to entice sharks to come close. Not exactly your typical surfing environment.

With all those super important stats aside, one other very important question arises about the FREEDOM+ Surf, “does having the device fitted to a surfboard impact one’s surfing performance?”

Ocean Guardian reached out to well known, surfer and filmmaker, Kale Brock to find out. 

Kale Brock says, “Whilst feeling confident and safe in the ocean is a high priority for us as surfers, it likely comes second place to achieving great performance on a wave. Being able to tick both of those boxes, utilising the FREEDOM+ Surf set up from Ocean Guardian, offers an unprecedented experience for surfers, especially in shark-dense line ups.”

The award-winning FREEDOM+ Surf was designed in partnerships with Tom Carroll and Ocean & Earth. Since its inception, there are now 2 models available, the FREEDOM+ Surf for boards over 6’6” and the FREEDOM+ Surf SHORTBOARD for boards 6’6” and under.

With the FREEDOM+ Surf, Shark Shield Technology is used to create a powerful electrical field that deters sharks by causing unbearable spasms in a shark’s sensitive electrical receptors, turning them away – including Great Whites. These electrical receptors are located in their snouts and are used for finding food at close range. The efficacy of Shark Shield Technology has been proven in multiple peer-reviewed published research papers and there are no known harmful effects on sharks or humans.  

Ocean Guardian CEO, Lindsay Lyon says, “the scientists have proven again and again that the Shark Shield Technology is the most effective shark deterrent technology in the world. In this instance, it’s great to have a trusted source let the surfing community know that it’s also easy to surf with.”

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