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Ocean Guardian's FREEDOM+ Surf features in Nat Geo's Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth

  • 2 min read

8th July 2021

Ocean Guardian, makers of the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electronic shark deterrents, have featured prominently in National Geographic’s nineth annual SharkFest shown on Monday, July 5 in the marquee special Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworthavailable for streaming on Disney+ from July 9th. 

Chris Hemsworth showcases Ocean Guardian’s FREEDOM+ Surf electronic shark deterrent when exploring how humans and sharks can coexist harmoniously and share the ocean. The one-hour documentary special also features Australian shark icon and conservationist Valerie Taylor who along with her late husband Ron were one of the first to test Ocean Guardian’s Shark Shield Technology in the late 90’s in the documentary called “Shark POD”.

The National Geographic Shark Beach program views are supported by new research published in the Royal Society of Open Science journal confirming that Ocean Guardian’s personal electronic shark deterrent devices save lives. In the paper titled “Predicting potential future reduction in shark bites on people”, scientists say that the use of Ocean Guardian’s personal electronic shark deterrents is an effective way to prevent the future deaths and injuries of up to 1063 Australians over the next 50 years.

The FREEDOM+ Surf was designed in partnership with Tom Carroll and Ocean & Earth, as a seamless shark deterrent solution for surfers, with little to no impact on surfing performance.

FREEDOM+ Surf Features:
- Creates a powerful electrical field that turns sharks away. Electrical field approx. 4m long x 3.5m deep.
- Proven to deter Great Whites, Tiger Sharks and Bull Sharks.
- Included in the WA Government $200 Shark Deterrent Rebate program.
- Consists of a small Transferable Power Module that fits into the kicker of a custom Tail Pad and connected to a sticker-thin Antenna that adheres to the underside of your board. 
- Easy to install yourself on old or new boards. No need to involve a shaper.
- No known permanent harm to sharks and does NOT attract sharks.

Ocean Guardian has also just launched their new LR1000 Shark Barrier, a world-first large-scale virtual shark net for beaches, resorts, and aquaculture. The LR1000 is a replacement for physical exclusion nets, shark nets and drumlines which has been designed to allow humans and sharks to live more harmoniously.

“In 2020, Australia suffered the most shark attack fatalities in 86 years, causing a significant economic and emotional impact on the communities in which they occurred. Our technology has been tested and proven time and time again, we now need the support of the community and governments across the country to get on board and make our beaches and marine life a safer place to enjoy together,” said Lindsay.


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