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Fresh mown grass, birds chirping, and the continuous rhythm of footfalls in light music on the jogging track: the spring is here. Flowers are blooming, the spring wedding season is here, and chances are someone you know will be getting married soon. The cold is good and all. The snow is interesting. But in the end, cold weather tends to bind us to the home. Come spring, freedom awaits us once more.

You don’t even have to be an active person to enjoy the freshness that is brought by spring. The Spring break is either in progress or just round the corner and incidentally so is Easter. The Easter Eggs and the popular legendary anthropomorphic Easter Bunny all make for a jolly holiday. If children are a part of your life, then the Easter egg hunt is something to look forward to. After all, if the White House does it for children, then so can you.

So, now that we have rounded up on all the current goings on, let us move to our latest gift guide prepared specifically for the Spring of 2016. We have once again done the research for you and bring you the best.

Do you like to go for scuba diving, free diving, or spearfishing? Are you afraid that someday you will have a terrible encounter with a shark? This device here is made just to alleviate these fears. It will reduce the chances of an unwanted shark encounter. It uses close-range, low frequency electrical fields to keep the sharks away. This causes an irritation in the shark’s snout from which the shark will move away. It does not harm the shark in any way and you can enjoy your activities without the fear as well.

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