Shark Shield is urging governments to implement an innovative technology solution to solve the serious shark problem in Australia. Statistically, shark attacks will continue to increase as our population rises along with our increased passion for the ocean. As a result, our country will continue to be branded as the shark attack capital of the world. Now is the time to change this. Shark Shield proposes world first innovation to re-brand Australia as having the safest beaches in the world.

Shark Shield CEO, Lindsay Lyon, addressed the Committee this afternoon at the Senate Inquiry into Shark Mitigation and Deterrent Measures. Lyon questioned why Australian governments have not moved forward with Shark Shield to implement its new Ocean Guardian beach barrier solution, stating this is scientifically proven technology, it is not science fiction.

Lyon said, “We are amazed given the lives lost and community economic damage from shark attacks as to why there has been no interest in commissioning a pilot or test site for Ocean Guardian. It is based on scientifically proven deterrent technology that has been on the market for twenty years. The electromagnetic transducer has also been used in the medial industry with clinical studies showing it is safe for humans and animals.”

Tourism in Australia is a critical component of the Australian economy. In the financial year 2014/15, tourism represented 3.0% of Australia’s GDP contributing A$47.5 billion to the national economy. Domestic tourism is a significant part of the tourism industry, representing 73% of the total direct tourism GDP.

“If our brand as the global shark attack capital of the world affected only 1% of the tourism, the Australian economy is losing $475,000,000 of income annually as a result. This excludes how the world views...

22 March 2018

Shark Shield, the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested shark deterrent technology will today rebrand to Ocean Guardian – Powered by Shark Shield Technology. With over 20 years heritage, it was not a light decision for the brand but necessary to take the organisation to the next level as they continue to lead the way in shark deterrent technology worldwide.

Lindsay Lyon, Ocean Guardian’s CEO says, “Over the coming months we have a strategic plan to transition the brand and company from Shark Shield to Ocean Guardian. In order to retain consumer confidence in the products we have deliberately decided to keep Shark Shield in the tagline which will be used in all communications and on pack.”

The rebrand will see the new logo and website launch today, while product packaging will roll out over the next six months. In addition to the rebrand, Ocean Guardian will be introducing category based deterrent technologies covering; surf, dive, boat, and beach.

“By breaking the offering into category specific groups, we hope to take the brand from niche to mass and also organically work with the diving, surfing, beach, and boating communities. Our initial focus will be on the eastern seaboard of NSW and WA, plus Florida, Hawaii and California in the US,” said Lindsay.

To assist with awareness of the new branding and name, Ocean Guardian have also appointed Banjo as their advertising agency in 2018.

About Ocean Guardian:
In 2018, the Shark Shield company became Ocean Guardian®. The change of name reflects our bigger ambition – to make you safe whatever you enjoy doing in the Ocean – while also protecting the planet we call home.

Ocean Guardian, powered by Shark Shield Technology, is the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent. Government approved and developed over two decades of research,...
Media Release – April 2018

Sydney, 26th April 2018: Following lodgement of its prospectus with ASIC, Ocean Guardian Holdings Limited (Ocean Guardian) has today launched its initial public offering (IPO), providing investors the opportunity to invest in the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested shark deterrent technology. Nothing is more effective.Ocean Guardian is the manufacturer of electrical shark deterrent products using Shark Shield Technology with product approved by the Western Australian government for rebates and tested by leading independent shark scientists worldwide.

Under the IPO, Ocean Guardian is seeking to raise up to $5,000,000 (before costs) issuing 25,000,000 new Shares at an Offer Price of $0.20 per Share (Offer), with an oversubscription to raise up to a total of $6,000,000.

Lindsay Lyon, CEO of Ocean Guardian says, “We are seeking to raise $5 million to increase global demand for our surf and dive products, along with developing a new range of boat and beach products using existing technology and new technology. We see significant future growth in the boat market addressing consumers who have higher disposable incomes, and a more service driven B to B business model in the beach protection markets with the potential to remove shark nets, the use of drum lines and prevent shark culling; a win for humans, sharks and our environment”.

The prospectus for the Offer is currently available and can be obtained by visiting Ocean Guardian’s website, or contacting 1 800 132 009. The Offer is currently the subject of an exposure period, which will open from 10 May 2018 and expected to close on 7 June 2018, with expected date of quotation of Shares on the ASX 28 June 2018.

The Offer will be made in Ocean Guardian’s prospectus. Any person deciding whether to participate in the Offer should consider the prospectus. Any person who wants...