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An independent peer reviewed research paper, published in the international science journal PLOS ONE has confirmed Shark Shield as an effective shark deterrent. The research was conducted over a two and half year period at a cost of $680,000, funded by the Western Australian State Government as part of its investment in Shark Hazard Mitigation, following a spate of shark attacks in 2012.

The research was led by Professor Shaun Collin, Assoc. Prof Nathan Hart, and Dr. Ryan Kempster of The University of Western Australia’s Oceans Institute and the School of Animal Biology. The team also completed laboratory and field trials on other electrical shark deterrents in addition to exploring and testing novel ways to deter sharks including underwater sounds, bright flashing lights and bubbles.

Collin stated, “During testing, Shark Shield successfully turned white sharks away nine out of ten times. We hope this research will ultimately lead to the development of new electric-based shark deterrent technologies in the future.” A world-renowned expert in his field, Collin has authored many scientific papers in the field including ‘Electroreception in vertebrates and invertebrates’ published in the Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior, Oxford Academic Press (2010).

Lindsay Lyon, Managing Director of Shark Shield stated, “This is the third independent scientific research paper proving Shark Shield to be the only device that effectively turns sharks away. This peer-reviewed paper shows adventure sport participates can remove up to 90% of the risk in activities like diving, spearfishing, kayaking and surfing. This removes all doubt about the efficacy of Shark Shield’s proven technology.”

The Company recently announced a $400K capital raising initiative to support the final manufacturing setup and inventory for its new FREEDOM+ Surf surfboard shark deterrent developed jointly with Ocean & Earth and 2 x World Surfing Champion Tom Carroll.

In 2012, Dr Charlie Huveneers from the South Australian Research...
Terra Australis, a leading underwater production company, have added to their historical testing of shark deterrent devices by testing Shark Shield’s new surfing product with astonishing results. Their latest production released on (insert date) demonstrates never seen before efficacy of the personal shark deterrent.

Designed specifically surfers, the drone footage captured shows 100% of sharks immediately turning and staying away when the unit was in activation mode.

Johnny Debnam, Terra Australis Creative Director says, “There are a lot of myths about shark deterrents and over the years we have continually tested the various shark deterrents that have been released around the world and I have to say, the new Shark Shield FREEDOM+ Surf hits the mark and works like no other.” “52% of all shark fatalities in Australia are surfers and lethal methods such as shark culling, nets and drum lines are not the solution to protecting surfers and our environment”.

Terra Australis recently tested the new shark deterrent designed for surfers in a remote location known for significant shark activity with multiple species including Bull and Whaler sharks. The results of the test can be viewed here (insert video link).

As one of the most respected underwater creative teams in the world, Terra Australis’ mission is to light up the world through film. “We hope that our testing of personal shark deterrents shows surfers they can enjoy the ocean without a fear of sharks” adds Debnam.

In a world first, the West Australian government have today implemented their election policy promise of a Shark Deterrent Rebate. The first 1000 West Australian residents to purchase the Shark Shield FREEDOM7 the worlds only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent device, will receive a $200 rebate.

Lindsay Lyon, Shark Shield CEO says, “From today, all West Australian residents will have the opportunity to receive the $200 rebate on purchases of our Shark Shield FREEDOM7.

“This is a significant step forward for governments in recognizing that those most at risk, surfers and divers, need individual deterrent protection and I commend Premier Mark McGowan for delivering on his policy promise. Ensuring proven electrical deterrent devices such as Shark Shield are more readily available to those most at risk will greatly improve ocean sport safety and save lifes,” said Lindsay.

In order for customers to receive the $200 rebate, the rebate needs to be applied at the point of sale at a registered Shark Shield retailer. The retailer will then be reimbursed by the Western Australian Department of Fisheries. Rebates are also limited to WA residence and one per person.

About the Shark Shield FREEDOM7:

With over twenty years of world-class research and independent testing, including the University of Western Australia Ocean Institute, the FREEDOM7 is scientifically proven to reduce the risk of an unwanted shark encounter. It is the chosen safety device of professional divers in the US and Australian Navies and has become mandated equipment in the Australian Professional Abalone Diving Industry. Features include:

  • Comfortable, lightweight with an easy to wear neoprene velcro pouch
  • Lithium rechargeable battery
  • Longlife battery, lasts up to 6 hours
  • Depth rated to 50 meter
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – if you don’t feel more confident in the water with Shark Shield

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