WA Government expands World First shark deterrent rebate program

29 March 2019

The Western Australian Governments Fisheries Minster Dave Kelly has today announced an additional 500 subsidies for proven shark deterrent devices for local residents, just in time for the autumn surfing season which is known to have an increased white shark activity in the south west region. To date more than 3,400 divers and surfers have taken up the world first $200 rebate. The Ocean Guardian FREEDOM7 and FREEDOM+ Surf are the only scientifically proven shark deterrents approved for the governments rebate program.

Dave Kelly states, “It’s great news that more than 3,400 Western Australians have so far put their personal safety first and purchased a university-tested and proven device through the subsidy program.”

Lindsay Lyon, CEO of Ocean Guardian, says, “Ocean Guardian devices are powered by Shark Shield Technology, the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent. The rebate program has been an incredible success in WA, both for the individual and the environment, which begs the question why other state governments have not implemented the same successful program. Governments have recommended and mandated many safety products such as seat belts and bike helmets, and there is no doubt that this innovative shark deterrent rebate program is saving lives.

“For as little as $299 surfers can significantly improve their own safety. It’s a small price to pay for a device that has the potential to save your life,” adds Kelly.

The additional 500 rebates for Ocean Guardian’s scientifically proven personal shark deterrent devices takes the total made available to Western Australian surfers and divers to 4,000 devices. More than 3,400 of these devices have been purchased, with more than 470 of those bought by surfers.

The subsidy program launched in May 2017 delivers on a McGowan Government’s election promise to provide a world-first subsidy for WA water users as a part of a smarter, science-based approach to shark mitigation.

The Ocean Guardian FREEDOM7™ is primarily used by divers and can be purchased through the subsidy program for $399, normal RRP is $599.  The Ocean Guardian FREEDOM+ Surf™ is specifically designed for surfers and can be used on multiple boards with the purchase of additional tail pad antennas. The FREEDOM+ Surf can be purchased for $299 through the subsidy program, normal RRP is $499.