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Ronnie Collins

Based in Port Fourchon, Louisiana, Ronnie has been diving and spearfishing for since he was 12 years old - that's over 16 years.

A spearfishing guide and commercial spearfisherman, Ronnie has been using Ocean Guardian products for 11 years (as of 2022), and has Shark Shield Technology work time and time again. With his 8 year old son also just getting into the sport, Ronnie feels much safer with Shark Shield Technology in the water with them.

Ronnie uses either the FREEDOM7 or eSPEAR when he's spearfishing wahoo in his home waters, or Bluewater species such as tuna when in the Bahamas.

With his Bluewater spots loaded with giant dusky, sandbar, and mako sharks, who are always after his fish, or fired up due to chumming for wahoo and tuna, Ronnie says "having the FREEDOM7 in the water with hus works great for creating a safe shark free buffer zone to dive in, as well as keeps them off our fish without affecting the fish’s behaviour." 

Instagram: Ronnie Jo Collins

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