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Florida now selling device built to scare off sharks


Florida may be the shark-bite capital of the world, but for the most part you could refer to them as shark nibbles. Over in Australia, though, they know a thing or two about real shark bites. They come in great white form.

So it makes sense that an Australian company has built a device meant to scare off sharks. Now that company has made its way to Florida to sell the device, which they call the Shark Shield.

The company this month announced in a press release that it has entered the U.S. market in the Tampa Bay area targeting those who frequent the shark-filled waters of the Gulf of Mexico, but also is selling devices in Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

“When looking for headquarters in the U.S., Tampa Bay was the perfect location, due to the increased popularity of ocean sports in the area,” said Amanda Wilson, General Manager of Shark Shield. “We want to make the ocean a safer place for those who enjoy its wonders and help continue the conservation efforts of ocean advocates.”

What it is, according the company’s website, is a “comfortable and lightweight with a low drag antenna trailing behind providing complete freedom to enjoy your free-diving, spearfishing, scuba diving, surfing or kayak fishing.”

The way it’s purported to work is that the Shark Shield emits an electrical field that causes a shark within a meter or so to spasm and flee the area.

“There are no known long term adverse effects to the shark,” according to the website.

There are different devices depending on the activity, such as diving, surfing or kayaking. The press release says the Shark Shield devices retail for about $599 to $699 and are available at certain dive shops in the Tampa Bay area and South Florida.


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