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My cousin, and I were spearfishing off the back of No Name Cay, Abaco, Bahamas. The water was 20' deep. I knew the waters behind No Name were very sharky due to previous experiences there. 

After losing a few big hogs to the sharks, I decided to turn on my FREEDOM7. After that they scattered quickly and not a single shark was sighted after that.

May 2023.

We have 3 FREEDOM7 shark shields in our family. We have had great success with them. 9 shark encounters, 9 sharks got belted. Awesome results!

We live in the south west of Western Australia where we encounter many different kinds of sharks, and use our FREEDOM7s for snorkelling, freediving for abalone, and when spearfishing in deeper waters. 

Our FREEDOM7s have deterred Great Whites, Bronze Whalers, and a Grey Nurse shark. 

June 2022

I’ve had a number of successful trips with the Ocean Guardian FISH01.

It is normal for us to lose two out of every three fish to sharks in the reefs in and around Townsville, and in some trips, I have lost every decent fish to a shark.

I have now had two successful trips using the FISH01 where the numbers were reversed.

In one trip I did not lose a single fish to a shark until the battery went flat, and then I lost every fish to sharks. There is no doubt the Shark Shield Technology works!

May 2023

I was approached by a white shark while surfing at Surf Beach, California which is notorious for having had 4 shark attacks, two of them deadly.  I have FFREEDOM+ Surf installed on my longboard.  I could not see the full shark under the water but the dorsal fin was fully out of the water and was about a meter tall, a solid dark grey and a notch at the base.  It seemed to be an adult.  The shark quickly approached to about a meter from me and then quickly went a half circle around my board and then away,...

March 2023

About five years ago, I was snorkelling off of the coast of an island in the Bahamas. I had seen many sharks when snorkelling in the Bahamas, but they always seem fairly uninterested in me and swimming lowdown.

This day, however, as we were snorkelling, we saw a shark right up at the surface where we were, swimming directly towards us. She stopped about 2m in front of us and was quite obviously interested in us.

My brain went directly into fear mode, and I’ve never wanted to levitate out of my body more. I had the distinct feeling of being out...

I’m a scuba diver in WA. The FREEDOM7 has repelled large sharks on two occasions in the last 3 years. Seems to be effective - Cam, Nov 2022.

October 2022.

I have been using the Ocean Guardian FREEDOM7 and the old FREEDOM4 for for 11yrs now and they have help me in many situations as well as saved my clients on spearfishing charters from being bitten.

I mostly use Ocean Guardian products when I am Bluewater spearfishing my Louisiana home waters, or when I travel to the Bahamas. My Bluewater spots are loaded with giant dusky, sandbar, and mako sharks who are always harassing us for fish or fired up due to chumming for wahoo and tuna. Having the FREEDOM7 with us in the water works great for giving a...

In Spearfishing and Freediving, it is inevitable that we as hunters are going to meet other hunters, usually they are better, faster, stronger, and in greater numbers than we are and there is a fine line between predator and prey. 

In the past twenty years, the numbers of sharks where we dive has grown 5 maybe ten fold and we see them every day. They have gotten much bigger, much bolder and it isn’t a matter of when are you going to see them it is how many and how big. 

Our first day with the BOAT01, water depth 200’,...

The surfs I’ve had so far using the FREEDOM+ Surf have felt amazing, so much more confidence and I felt confident staying in the water on dusk/dark for the first-time ages. I wish I bought one sooner!
Born and bred in Reunion Island, I started surfing here when I was about 2 years old. Sadly, since 2011, we have had a lot of terrible shark attacks on our island and it really affected us (around 25 attacks and 11 people died...) RIP to the friends and legends we lost.

About 90% of the Reunion surfing population have stopped surfing or have moved somewhere else. Some surfers decided to keep surfing there even though it became one (if it's not the most) sharkiest place on the planet. I am one of them.

Surfing is more than a passion for me and it was...

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