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Adam Farrow, Diver, California, USA

  • 1 min read
Nearly two weeks ago, I was abalone diving off of the California coast in an area known for Great Whites and attacks. I have had several encounters with GWs in the past so I purchased a Shark Shield and mounted it inside my dive tube with the tail going through a hole in the bottom of the tube.

In the middle of our trip a large white, about 18′ came straight at me, it was viewed by the people in the boat, not me. They warned me about the shark, I thought it was farther away from me than it was so I continued diving. They eventually said the shark had left the area, I had great confidence in my safety because I knew my shield was on and working and that there has never been an attack on a person with a Shark Shield. Later I found out that the shark came within 3 meters of me and the shield and then made a left turn to avoid the shield. Just wanted to say thanks.

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