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Ben Choi, Spearfisher, Florida, USA

  • 1 min read
June 2018: I first started wearing the Ocean Guardian FREEDOM7 around 2013 and have had the same unit for the last 5 years. I mainly spearfish on Florida’s West Coast but have travelled all over the Gulf of Mexico and through the Bahamas with my FREEDOM7. I was skeptical at first, but started noticing significantly fewer close interactions with sharks, even with a lot of dead fish and blood in the water. Even in bait schools where there are a lot of actively feeding sharks, the sharks never came inside the effective range of the FREEDOM7. I dive close to 100 days a year and over the last 5 years the FREEDOM7 has proven itself effective time and time again. I have absolute confidence in my FREEDOM7’s ability to keep sharks away while spearfishing. In my opinion, there is not a more effective shark deterrent than Ocean Guardian.

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