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Cam Kirkconnell, Spearfisaherman, USA & Bahamas

  • 2 min read

In Spearfishing and Freediving, it is inevitable that we as hunters are going to meet other hunters, usually they are better, faster, stronger, and in greater numbers than we are and there is a fine line between predator and prey. 

In the past twenty years, the numbers of sharks where we dive has grown 5 maybe ten fold and we see them every day. They have gotten much bigger, much bolder and it isn’t a matter of when are you going to see them it is how many and how big. 

Our first day with the BOAT01, water depth 200’, visibility 40’, water temp 78F degrees.

We pulled up behind a commercial fishing boat that was culling their catch, hundreds of lbs of small fish and shrimp, crabs, into the water every few minutes. There were hundreds of sharks from 5-8 ft long, so many that when you looked through the water there was never more than a few inches or feet between bodies. Intermixed, big yellowfin tuna. Our quarry.  

Dropping the BOAT01 into the water, the sharks didn’t care, they swam around and banged against the tail like nothing was there. Flip the switch… It was like a bomb going off in the water with sharks scattering out of sight. Wow. Gone. All of them.  A few handfuls of bycatch and they started to test the perimeter but would never come anywhere closer than 5 metres of the centre of the circle around the tether. 

Years ago we tested the FREEDOM7 and it was essential for keeping sharks away from our chum bag on a buoy, then our catch away from the sharks.  The idea of a bigger, stronger barrier has been a long time coming and having the ability to be in the water with that piece of mind… unparalleled. Thank you for taking the next step in safety. 

Captain Cameron Kirkconnell

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