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Chris Shellabear, Spearfishing, Nedlands, Western Australia

  • 1 min read
Thanks for your product. I was asked to dive with a long standing dive partner of mine who was taking his boat around Australia. I spent nearly a week diving at the Muiron Islands north of Exmouth. On the one day I had 2 encounters, one whilst holding a fish speared for dinner that my friend was keen to photograph. We were in about 5m of water and there was a gully behind me. As I faced the camera and the shot was taken, my friend lurched back for some reason – he later told me when we surfaced that I had been charged by a Bull Shark that broke its attack 2-3 metres behind me. My initial thoughts were that I was lucky, till I remembered I was wearing the Ocean Guardian.

Later in the day I was diving down without a tank. Whilst retrieving a fish that had fallen off a spear, I came into a collision with another Bull Shark chasing the same fish – needless to say it broke off the charge again. So your product works!! And might I say it was easy to use, in fact I was not overly aware of its presence even though the sharks were! I have friends that swim with the Ocean Guardian and others who use it at my surf club on their surf skis, so it obviously brings others peace of mind as well.

So more power to you and good luck with Ocean Guardian.

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