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Craig Rickey, Spearfisher, Florida, United States

  • 1 min read
I was spearfishing with a group of 5 and 2 in our party had Ocean Guardian’s. Both with the Ocean Guardian left the water to take a break. In the mean time we had speared 2 large hog fish, one of which was immediately retrieved & the other going into a hole. While attempting to retrieve the Second Hog fish, we speared a Grouper. All of the commotion began to draw sharks to the area. There were 3 reef sharks that kept coming in close to the divers. When one of the 2 other divers went back to the boat to drop off his fish he took a moment to put on the Ocean Guardian. Within seconds of arriving back at the spot we were diving the sharks left. We worked and got the remaining Hog fish as well as another Grouper, the water was full of blood from 4 different fish, but no sharks came close. I was the last to get back in the boat, and within 2 minutes of the Ocean Guardian leaving the water, the sharks returned. In times past, with that much blood in the water, and active sharks, we would have abandoned the area. The Ocean Guardian works and extended our time in the water.

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