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Daran Thompson, Surfer, Perth, Western Australia

  • 1 min read
I use a Shark Shield for peace of mind for myself and my family. I have four children with another on the way. My wife and my mother were both very concerned about me surfing with all the shark attacks and strongly encouraged me to get a Shark Shield. I don’t surf with it all the time. I use it when I’m surfing alone or days that seem “sharky” and overcast. I also use it early in the morning and at dusk.

I had heard the rumour that it attracts sharks, but I read up on that and I now understand why that’s a fallacy. I was also concerned that it might get in my way while surfing, but it absolutely does not. I simply do not notice it in the water. I don’t notice it surfing or paddling, which was a very pleasant surprise.

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