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David Buckland, Professional Abalone Diver, Australia

  • 1 min read
I have had two encounters with sharks in the past two years. One was a Great White of approximately 4m, diving in clear water at 20m. She came in slowly, totally aware of my presence. The first thing I wanted to do is get the hell out of there, but sensibility prevailed; a quick check to see if my electronic shark repellent was on and functioning – and it was. I just kept still, looking at the shark, wondering if this is what it was like for some of my mates that that had been taken by Great Whites. It came closer – suddenly, as if hitting some invisible barrier, at about 8 metres it turned suddenly, shook and disappeared.

I had a similar situation with a 3m Bronze Whaler, where it hit the field and quickly took off.

Every professional and recreational diver working in my area lives with the fear of shark attack – my own brother Paul was taken by a Great White.

I will never enter the water without my Ocean Guardian, as I am convinced this will lessen the risk.

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