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David Incher, Surfer

  • 1 min read
The unit is well designed. Installing the pad on the board, charging and fixing the Ocean Guardian to the pad was relatively simple. The big advantage of the Ocean Guardian unit is the peace of mind it gives. Having used the unit about a dozen times, I have found that I am much more comfortable going surfing by myself or in ‘sharky’ locations/times of the day. If I am unsure which board to ride I go for the board with the Ocean Guardian attached (I am buying new pads for my other boards).

I had previously heard the argument that, as Ocean Guardian repels sharks, it may also repel other more desirable marine creatures such as dolphins. Nothing could be further from the truth as I had an amazing ride with a dolphin only inches from my board, mirroring my every turn and cutback for about 50 meters!

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