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Elyse Frankcom, Professional Snorkelling Guide, Rockingham, Western Australia

  • 1 min read
My name is Elyse Frankcom and I work as a professional snorkelling guide on an Eco-tour for swimming with wild dolphins.

Safety is a big issue of course as we take many passengers into the ocean! We use your Ocean Guardians to deter sharks while working!

I did not have my unit turned on while free diving with dolphins and was recently attacked by a 3 metre Great White Shark! My first reaction was to punch and then try pushing the shark away while a very brave passenger pulled the tail! I remembered my Ocean Guardian wasn’t on so I immediately turned it on and the shark dropped me and swam away as quick as it came!

I believe that if I didn’t turn the Ocean Guardian on, I would not be alive today! The Ocean Guardian saved my life as well as everyone around me in the water. Never again will I enter the water without my unit turned on!

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