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Gary Doubleday, Diver, Adelaide, South Australia

  • 1 min read
My name is Gary Doubleday and I have one of the Shark Shield DIVE01* units and I am very pleased with it. I have read articles from professional divers about the Shark Shield and how they praise it – I must say, I do too, even though I have not had any encounters with sharks.

I find donning the Shark Shield before a dive is easy and it is comfortable to wear. You don”t really know you are wearing the unit while diving.

Wearing the Shark Shield has given me a better peace of mind. Now I go to some dive sites that I have not dived for a long time – sites that have a reputation for being sighted there, and I mean big sharks (White Pointers). Now I dive these sites and feel better within myself knowing I am protected by the Shark Shield. I know its impossible to be protected in every situation, but knowing I have the Shark Shield on makes my diving that every bit more enjoyable and dive time longer.

Its funny how many divers like to be your dive buddy when you are wearing a Shark Shield and its not always the lady divers that want to be your buddy. I recommend the Shark Shield to anyone. I think I have talked a couple of divers into getting the Shark Shield and they tell me how much more they enjoy their dives now.

Thank you for your time in reading this. I hope I have helped you make your decision in buying a Shark Shield.

*The DIVE01 is an obsolete product and no longer in production

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