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Glenelg Marine, South Australia

  • 1 min read
We were concerned initially that the promotion of Ocean Guardian may have a negative affect on our customers and we had a lot to lose considering we are the largest training facility in Southern Australia. Following two well publicised shark incidents (aren’t they all) last year which resulted in a dramatic business downturn, we were forced for the survival of our business to reassess the whole shark phobia problem.

We instituted a promotion on radio, TV, and the press stating, “although sharks aren’t a real problem, for your peace of mind we use the latest technology – Ocean Guardian on all of your training dives, there is no reason now not to learn.”

For a three month period post shark attack, the only thing that saved our butt was Ocean Guardian. We now know that promoting Ocean Guardian will have no negative affect on customer retention, in fact the opposite is the case. Customers in general will not raise the shark issue however our store now visibly displays the product which provides the opportunity for discussion and I find it amazing how many customers have been hiding their fear.

Finally we have an answer to what I believe the single biggest factor that greatly reduces entry level participation. Ocean Guardian certainly does:

Increase participation.
Ensures participation continues.
Increases bottom line profits.

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