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Ian “Shark Gordon”, Shark Conservationist & Discovery Channel Presenter, Australia

  • 2 min read
I have been involved with electrical shark deterrents since their inception in the early 1990’s. The original manufacturers of “Shark POD” (Natal Sharks Board of South Africa) sought my input to trial the new technology with a number of species of sharks including Great White Sharks off South Australia.

My many years of diving with these incredible creatures has led to a great respect and a firm belief that a shark protection unit that enables people to enter the water without fear will ultimately help to ensure the sharks survival in the future.

The incredible invention of the ‘Shark POD’ technology is a tribute to the dedication and perseverance of a company setting new ground.

My early scepticism changed when I witnessed sharks repulsed from baits set out to attract them. But it took me considerable time to leave the protection of a barred cage, protected only by an invisible electrical field. This I did to test the POD’s effect on sharks in a series of experiments – but it worked. I however do not recommend that this technology be used with Great White sharks in “hot spot” areas as a sole form of protection.

Over recent years I have followed the trials and eventual manufacture of the new ‘Shark Shield’. This unit is lighter and smaller than the old POD with a larger more powerful battery. It is also much more user friendly allowing greater flexibility of use. People often ask me, Does it work? – YES. But can I give a 100% guarantee against shark attacks? – NO. The one thing that stands out in my years of research is the unpredictable nature of the animal.

I firmly believe that in the vast majority of cases, when used correctly, it will repel most sharks, but it should not be seen as an invincible tool leading us to believe that now the ocean is our domain. And perhaps this is a good thing, a part of the planet we can not dominate.

With the help of ‘Shark Shield’, and if used correctly, we now have the opportunity to explore the oceans with less risk.

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