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John Hastings, Surfer, South Australia

  • 1 min read
Having used the Shark Shield whilst surfing for some time now, my opinion on the unit is as follows.

Importantly, Shark Shield doesn’t impede on my surfing action.
The Shark Shield is portable and doesn’t make much longer to set up than attaching a normal leg rope to the board.
The Shark Shield is easily cleaned after a surf.
My family and wife never liked the idea of me surfing alone on the west coast before, but now they are all comfortable with it.
Mainly, the Shark Shield lets me feel comfortable and relaxed while I’m out surfing, especially since the shark sightings are becoming more frequent.
In essence, once one of the local lads at Elliston got taken, most of my friends gave up. I found out about the Shark Shield and haven’t been more comfortable since wearing the unit.
After only 3 months use of the Shark Shield, I am reluctant to go surfing without it.
Whenever I go out, the guys know I’m wearing a shark repellent and all hang around me like flies.

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