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Malan & Trizanne, Surfers, Kommetjie, South Africa

  • 2 min read
Just some feedback from our weekend at Stilbaai.

We both surfed together on the Saturday late afternoon at Morris Point, conditions were actually ominous- or felt ominous…some surfers came out because they felt uneasy being alone in the water.

We paddled out and only turned our devices on once we got through the break – we were definitely aware of the Shark Shields- either through a consistent pulse or a light shock with take offs…this was at first something to get use to and also sometimes on the take offs a little disturbing – but peace of mind that the shield did in fact emit a strong current.

With shallow duck diving – not a problem, but if a wave came onto your head and deeper duck diving- so grabbing your board much tighter, one was definitely more aware of the shield IE.. feeling the current…

But overall, such peace of mind and one could actually relax in the water.

The rest of the weekend was dismal for surf – but we surfed Tues midday at Jongens Reef – just the 2 of us – so definitely under normal circumstances – one would feel very uneasy in the water… the same effect from the shield, slight pulse and sometimes interference on the take-off, but one definitely gets use to it quickly…

We probably surfed about 2 hours the first day and had 6 green flashes left in the battery pack…so it lasts long.

All in all – a GREAT peace of mind and the interference is minor…so will absolutely recommend the device to anyone that surfs in water that has a higher shark risk.

Thanks again guys! We’re really super stoked with the Shark Shield.

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