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Matt Griffiths, Spearfisherman, NSW, Australia

  • 2 min read

I have owned Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield) shark deterrents for over 10yrs, from the FREEDOM4 to the FREEDOM7 available today. I have consistently spear fished on the Great Barrier Reef and seen the Shark Shield turn sharks away repeatedly. Bull Sharks, White Tip, Black Tip, Silver Tip and many other Whaler Sharks over 10 feet and 350KG.

The device does not affect fish or my ability in any way.

Whilst on a live aboard on the Swains reef (200km off Gladstone QLD), the crew were filleting the days catch at night, throwing the heads and frames into the water. There were between 10-15 large whaler sharks feeding at the back of the boat under the lights. Some other clients onboard had witnessed myself and my dive partner using the FREEDOM7 that day and gave their sceptical opinion to the effectiveness of the device during dinner. They had repeatedly told stories of being harassed by sharks and losing their catch.

With everyone on the back deck watching the sharks come into the floodlights aggressively feeding on anything thrown into the water, I decided to give a free demonstration of how Shark Shield Technology works! I stood on the dive platform and deployed the FREEDOM7. Immediately ALL sharks explosively disappeared from view in the flood lights.

The crew continued to throw frames into the water, and everyone watch the frames disappear beyond view without seeing a single shark for about 10 minutes. In disbelief, one customer tied a frame to his rod and fed it out well past the lights, some 80 metres behind the boat before it was taken by a shark.

I removed the FREEDOM7 from the water as the crew continued to throw frames into the water, it took around 4-6 minutes before the sharks VERY cautiously one by one, came into the light to feed.

I can confidently say that everyone onboard including the crew had no doubt about the effectiveness of Shark Shield Technology.

On many other occasions whilst in the water, I have witnessed many sharks keep their distance and most likely many more I did not see. 

I liken Shark Shield Technology to seat belts in a car. I would hate to be in an accident not wearing one as much as I would hate to spear or dive without my FREEDOM7 protecting me.

I and others I know have found the customer support excellent over the years, resolving any issue with great support and dedication to following through with that support.

Thank you again for your help and support.

March 2021.

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