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Steve Carrigg, Surfer, Lennox Head, Australia

  • 1 min read
I am very happy to now be enjoying my surfing again. I grew up surfing the south west of WA (Great White central!) and never really thought much about the risk, but since having kids and with the issues we’ve had up here on the north coast of NSW, my primary source of relaxation quickly turned into a source of anxiety.

Just last Friday, Sharpes Beach near home was evacuated by the DPI helicopter as a 4m white was very close to the beach. I felt very comfortable paddling out at the same spot the next morning with my new Freedom + Surf turned on.

Whilst researching the Shield and wondering whether I should get one, I called my cousin in Augusta, WA (a professional abalone diver). I asked him what he thought of the Shark Shield. His reply “I won’t go to work without one”. That was good enough for me. I bought two! One for the wife and one for me. Now when we take our young kids out, we will sit either side of them as close as we can!

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