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June 2022

I’ve had a number of successful trips with the Ocean Guardian FISH01.

It is normal for us to lose two out of every three fish to sharks in the reefs in and around Townsville, and in some trips, I have lost every decent fish to a shark.

I have now had two successful trips using the FISH01 where the numbers were reversed.

In one trip I did not lose a single fish to a shark until the battery went flat, and then I lost every fish to sharks. There is no doubt the Shark Shield Technology works!

In Spearfishing and Freediving, it is inevitable that we as hunters are going to meet other hunters, usually they are better, faster, stronger, and in greater numbers than we are and there is a fine line between predator and prey. 

In the past twenty years, the numbers of sharks where we dive has grown 5 maybe ten fold and we see them every day. They have gotten much bigger, much bolder and it isn’t a matter of when are you going to see them it is how many and how big. 

Our first day with the BOAT01, water depth 200’,...

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