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WA Residents: If you’re eligible and would like to use the $200 government shark deterrent rebate, please use code REBATE at checkout*

For fiberglass surfboards 6'6" and over. Designed in partnership with Tom Carroll and Ocean & Earth. WA Government Rebate now available.


The FREEDOM+ Surf has been designed in partnership with Tom Carroll and Ocean & Earth, as a seamless shark deterrent solution for surfboards, with no impact on performance. Surf the way you always have – with just a little more freedom.

The FREEDOM+ Surf is so effective at deterring sharks that the government of Western Australia offers a $200 Shark Deterrent Rebate for their residents that purchase this product. Click here for more info.

The FREEDOM+ Surf is best suited to boards 6'6" and over. This is due to the size of the electrical field produced. If used on a smaller board, the electrical field may be felt on your fingertips when duck diving. For boards under 6'6" we recommend using the FREEDOM+ Surf - SHORTBOARD.  

  • The world’s most scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent. Nothing is more effective.
  • Creates a powerful electrical field that turns sharks away. Electrical field approx. 4m (13.12ft) long x 3.5m (11.48ft) deep.
  • Proven to deter Great Whites, Tiger Sharks and Bull Sharks.
  • Included in the WA Government $200 Shark Deterrent Rebate program.
  • Easy to install yourself on old or new boards. No need to involve a shaper.
  • Designed for boards 6'6" and over.
  • Sticker-thin (≤ 500 microns) adhesive decal antenna adheres to the underside of your board and connects to the Tail Pad. No impact on surfing performance.
  • Transferable Power Module can be removed for charging and used on any board fitted with the custom designed Tail Pad / Decal Antenna or Tail Pad / Antenna - SHORTBOARD.
  • Transferable Power Module features a long-life 6-hour rechargeable lithium battery, and LED power on/off and battery life indicator. Allows you to have a couple of surfs on the one charge.
  • A foam insert (included) can be used in the Tail Pad kicker for those surfs when you don’t want to use the Transferable Power Module.
  • No known permanent harm to sharks and does NOT attract sharks.
  • Not suitable for children under 14, pregnant women or those with certain medical conditions. Read more here.
  • Covered by Ocean Guardian's Standard Warranty

A custom Ocean & Earth Tail Pad houses a blue Transferable Power Module containing a rechargeable lithium battery. The Tail Pad is connect to a decal antenna with electrodes located at each end. The decal antenna wraps around the rail of the board and adheres to the underside of the board. When turned on and submerged, the electrodes emit a three-dimensional protective electrical field.

  • Protective electrical field size: Electrical field approx. 4m (13.12ft) long x 3.5m (11.48ft) deep
  • Oblong shaped electrodes measure 5.3cm (2.08") wide x 24cm (9.44") long and are spaced approximately 70cm (27.56") apart
  • Transferable Power Module weight: 250g (8.82oz)
  • Transferable Power Modules size: 208mm (8.1") L x 63mm (2.48") W x 28mm (1.1") H
  • Operating time in water: 5-6 hours
  • Battery life pack: Nominal 1000 charges

Powered by Shark Shield Technology, this smart piece of high-tech kit comes with 1 x Transferable Power Module, 1 x Tail Pad / Antenna, 1 x Charging dock with international options, and 1 x foam Tail Pad Kicker Support.

You only ever need one Transferable Power Module, so if you have multiple boards – simply buy an extra Tail Pad / Antenna (one per board) and you’re sorted.

The FREEDOM+ Surf does not include a surfboard.

FREEDOM+ Surf review by surfer & filmmaker, Kale Brock

Covered for 12 months by Ocean Guardian’s Standard Warranty.

If this product, has failed and is still under warranty (electronics one year from date of purchase), you can return it to Ocean Guardian to be exchanged for a warranty replacement unit (this does not include any accessories). If the product is deemed to be under warranty, we will pay the return freight for you. Proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims.

Click here to read the Ocean Guardian Standard Warranty.

A $200 government shark deterrent rebate is available to eligible West Australian residents for the purchase of the FREEDOM7 and FREEDOM+ Surf.

Please enter the code REBATE at checkout and $200 will be deducted from the sale price. Our team will be in touch to confirm proof of residence before shipping your order.

There is a limit of one rebate per product per customer. 

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