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Today, Shark Shield has announced the appointment of Independent Chairman Alan Broome, Independent Director James Wakim and Advisory Board member Jane McKellar to the board.

Shark Shield remains the world’s only independently tested and proven shark deterrent technology and is the result of over 20 years of research by some of the world’s leading shark experts.

Lindsay Lyon, Shark Shield Managing Director says, “We are thrilled to have such a high calibre of new Director’s with the skills to take our growth to the next level. With our new surfing product currently under development, each of our new members will play an integral part in the successful launch later this year, and our ongoing expansion into the USA of the current product range”.

In the current financial year Shark Shield has experienced revenue growth of 60% year to date, and their recent expansion into the USA has also proven to be a success, with revenue growth of 300% year to date, and an increase in retailers from seven to fifty stores.

About our new team:

Alan Broome. AM – Independent Chairman

Alan Broome is a professional Chairman, Director and Business Advisor with over 40 year’s experience in building both small and large enterprises, primarily technology and mining related. In 2000 Alan was awarded the Order of Australia (AM) for services to mining.

Alan was a long standing Chairman of Ocean & Earth, one of the world’s largest surf hardware companies, and as such brings a wealth of knowledge to Shark Shield in developing and launching its new surfboard shark deterrent innovation.

James Wakim – Independent Director

James Wakim is a professional and successful CEO and Director with over 15 years board level experience across the banking, health, medical research, ethnic affairs and private family manufacturing sectors.

As both a NED and MD/CEO, he has developed excellent skills in building sustainable corporations...
Shark Shield has been named by Choice, Australia’s leading independent consumer watchdog, as the only effective shark deterrent on the market. Following an extensive review of the shark deterrent options currently available, Shark Shield was the only deterrent shown to be independently tested and scientifically proven to turn sharks away.

According to Choice, “Shark Shield is the only electrical repellent on the market that’s been independently shown to be effective at deterring sharks from biting.” Choice author, Chris Doyle said the device worked by creating an electrical field along a 2m cord that trailed behind the wearer. Sharks have small gel-filled sacs in their snouts called ‘Ampullae of Lorenzini’, short-range sensors used for feeding, so Shark Shield’s unique three-dimensional electrical waveform causes spasms in these sensors and effectively turns sharks away.

Recent independent research funded by the Western Australian State Government, as part of its investment in Shark Hazard Mitigation, lead by Professor Shaun Collin, Director of the University of Western Australia Oceans Institute, has proven the efficacy of Shark Shield’s technology.

Collins stated, “During testing Shark Shield successfully turned sharks away in nine out of ten times. We hope this research will ultimately lead to the development of new shark deterrent technologies in the future.” A renowned expert in his field, Collins also authored Electroreception in Vertebrates and Invertebrates published in the Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior, Oxford Academic Press 2010.

In 2012, Dr Charlie Huveneers from the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) and Flinders University and his team also tested the effectiveness of Shark Shield. Part of this independent scientific testing used a seal decoy off the coast of South Africa, with white sharks seen to visibly abort attack charges with no surface breach observed with the Shark Shield device turned on.

Huveneers was quoted in the Choice report explaining, “the effectiveness...
In late 2014 Shark Shield was invited to participate with a panel of international experts by H.S.H Prince Albert II of Monaco and the Oceanographic Institute to discuss solutions to for human and shark coexistence. The panel met over a two day period with the objective of reconsidering our relationship with sharks through the development of a toolbox through the contributions from the panel of experts.

This “toolbox” is the result of an animated exchange between international experts, and is designed for authorities and actors faced with the coexistence of human activity and potentially dangerous shark species, as well as all those affected by this risk or simply interested in cohabitation issues between humans and wildlife.

Reaching beyond the impasse of the idea of confrontation between man and animals, the toolbox offers a wide range of solutions that are either already in existence or under development to address the risk and provide practical, proven or promising alternatives. It shows that an organised and peaceful cohabitation with sharks is now possible. You can download the toolbox here and view the video here.

H.S.H Prince Albert II of Monaco stated “This effort to share the oceans with sharks must be at the forefront of a broader commitment to recognise the importance of these large predators and protect them through the strengthened supervision of their fishing

May 2018

Taking on a swim that less than 60 swimmers have ever completed, ultramarathon swimmer Lynton Mortensen is attempting to make the Molokai channel swim, one of the seven most difficult ultramarathon swims in the world, with Ocean Guardian in tow. A swim that swimmers have previously had to abort due to increased shark activity, Lynton is attempting to swim all 7 of the Oceans Sevens with Molokai being his 5th.

Nominated for the 2017 Open Water Swimming Man of the Year, and having completed four of the Oceans Seven swims within 12 months, Lynton is no stranger to the open water but the gruelling 12-18 hour swim in Hawaii looming ahead caused him to turn to Ocean Guardian for protection.

Lynton Mortensen says, “This swim is the first time I’m using any type of shark protection, but due to the amount of shark activity in these waters I needed protection that is proven to be effective, and won’t harm the environment or the marine life around me. The team at Ocean Guardian have let me borrow two FREEDOM7 units to last the entire swim. The Freedom7 will be attached to the kayak around me, for full 360-degree protection.”

Lynton’s main goal for tackling these huge swimming challenges is to support the charity he is passionate about: The Children’s Hospital Foundation for which he has so far raised $70,000.

Lindsay Lyon, CEO of Ocean Guardian says, “Swimming such a long and dangerous swim, we are pleased to help Mr. Mortensen reach his goal by providing him with peace of mind and protection so he can focus on swimming to his full potential. We’re very proud to support water adventurers like Lynton and keep him safe throughout his journey.”

The Molokai Channel swim will take place during the swim window of 24-30 June in Hawaii, with...

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