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Shark Deterrent Rebate

Shark Shield Technology is so effective; in Western Australia, the State Government has a $200 rebate available for the purchase of our FREEDOM+ Surf and FREEDOM7

The Western Australian Government has implemented one of the strongest, evidence-based shark mitigation programs in the world, so that West Australian’s can continue to enjoy the beach and ocean with confidence. 

A major part of that strategy includes offering its residents, a world-first $200 rebate for the purchase of a scientifically proven and approved personal shark deterrent device, including the Ocean Guardian FREEDOM+ Surf and FREEDOM7.

They’re committed to using new technologies to provide greater protection for surfers and divers who are most at risk of a shark attack.

The world-first subsidy launched in May 2017 and was originally for 1,000 devices, but given the popularity of the program, funding has been extended and as of March 2022, over 7,000 rebates have been claimed. Until March 2022, the Ocean Guardian FREEDOM+ Surf and FREEDOM7 were the only products approved for the rebate. 

The rebate is applied at the point of sale when you buy either of these products from a registered retailer. 

If you’re an eligible WA resident and would like to use the rebate to purchase a FREEDOM+ Surf or FREEDOM7 via our website, simply follow the steps at checkout. There is a limit of one rebate per product, per person. 

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