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Dean Gregory, Surfer Perth, Western Australia

  • 1 min read
I used to only use my Shark Shield in sharky areas, but after a mate was taken by a shark, I use it all the time now. It takes that little niggle out of the back of my mind, helps you relax and just surf.

I don’t really notice the Shark Shield, a bit in small waves under three feet when there’s not a lot of power, you can feel it a bit at the top of your turns, and it’s difficult to throw the tail. But if there is a bit of punch in the wave then no dramas. No effect in the tube either. When the waves are small I use an old thick twinny and you don’t feel any drag. Just keep surfing with it, after a half a dozen surfs, you wont notice it on your board and your surfing will be your focus.

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