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Ronnie Collins, Spearfishing, USA & Bahamas

October 2022.

I have been using the Ocean Guardian FREEDOM7 and the old FREEDOM4 for for 11yrs now and they have help me in many situations as well as saved my clients on spearfishing charters from being bitten.

I mostly use Ocean Guardian products when I am Bluewater spearfishing my Louisiana home waters, or when I travel to the Bahamas. My Bluewater spots are loaded with giant dusky, sandbar, and mako sharks who are always harassing us for fish or fired up due to chumming for wahoo and tuna. Having the FREEDOM7 with us in the water works great for giving a a safe shark free buffer zone to dive in, as well as keeps them off our fish without affecting the fish’s behaviour. 

In the Bahamas for instance, I had just speared a nice hogfish when a large reef shark came charging in and grabbed my hogfish. The second I turned on my FREEDOM7, the shark spit out the fish and took off down the reef to never be seen again. 

I've seen these products work time and time again and would recommend them to anyone who wants to swim and dive without having worry about a shark sneaking up on you. 

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