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Sarah Tonner, eSPEAR

March 2023

About five years ago, I was snorkelling off of the coast of an island in the Bahamas. I had seen many sharks when snorkelling in the Bahamas, but they always seem fairly uninterested in me and swimming lowdown.

This day, however, as we were snorkelling, we saw a shark right up at the surface where we were, swimming directly towards us. She stopped about 2m in front of us and was quite obviously interested in us.

My brain went directly into fear mode, and I’ve never wanted to levitate out of my body more. I had the distinct feeling of being out of my element and had the shark wanted to bite me, there was very little I could do about it.

Ever since then, I’ve had a really hard time snorkelling. Instead of enjoying my surroundings, I was always scanning for sharks. My fear brain would take over and I would become incredibly scared every time I saw a shark. To the point where I no longer enjoyed snorkelling.

Then a family member bought me an Ocean Guardian eSPEAR and it has changed everything. 

I was pretty sceptical of it when we got it. The first time I took it out, we saw a shark and deployed the spear when the shark was quite far away. The shark did turn away, but I didn’t know if that was just because it had seen us or because of the spear. 

Since then I have used the shark spear in both Fiji and Bahamas. Both of these countries have protected sharks and therefore healthy shark populations. I’ve had the opportunity to use the ocean guardian eSPEAR over a dozen times and it works like magic. 

Ocean Guardian says the electromagnetic protection radius is fairly tight around the person using it. But I have found that the shark will turn around well before 3m when I deploy it. 

Every time a shark will be swimming towards me. I will deploy it and it simply turns and swims in the opposite direction.

While, I know that sharks are usually not looking to bite me or attack me, the Ocean Guardian eSPEAR has given me so much peace of mind, knowing that I have a tool to use a shark becomes a bit too curious.

It has really brought back the joy of snorkelling for me. I whole heartedly recommend this product.

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